Rooftop Rampage (あくのパーティーだいハッスル lit. Evil Party Big Hustle in Japanese) is the ninth level in Crash Twinsanity and the final stage of Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil. As its name would suggest, the level takes place on the rooftops of the Academy. It is one of the only two areas in the game (the other being the fight against the Evil Twins) in which Nina is a playable character. The level serves as a tutorial for using Nina's character and shows Cortex the skills that Nina has learned during her time in the Academy of Evil.


The level takes place mostly on the night-time rooftops of the academy, though Nina will occasionally enter small portions of the school. She must use the school's gargoyles to traverse as she can grapple onto them with her bionic hand. The roofs are festered with rats and ants who will try and stop Nina's progress as well. Inside the school, the academy's robots will also attack the player. Some of the school's chimneys are unstable and will collapse under Nina's weight. Additionally, she must spin through bells when she comes upon them to pass.

Eventually, Nina will be followed by the airship, which is being piloted by a foolish Crash, who anchored it to a school bus. This bus ends up becoming a hazard for Nina, as it dangles from the airship and destroys the bridge she is walking on from behind. After getting out of the bus's way, Nina will meet up with Cortex, who sends her back to the airship. The player takes over as Cortex and fights Madame Amberly in her office.



  • Players can, if the jumps are timed right, hop around the bells.
  • It is possible to spawn in Rooftop Rampage as Nina and Cortex together. However, if players move without spinning, the game will crash due to incomplete code.
  • This is the only level in the game where Crash isn't played as (without hacking or using glitches, that is).

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