The Shield Native is an enemy in The Great Gate in Crash Bandicoot. Their main method of attacking is to shove Crash from a ledge where they stand and wait for their chance to strike. They cannot be spun or attacked until their shield is lifted above their heads, which only occurs when Crash jumps on them, which exposes their backside and allows Crash to attack.

The shield natives also make appearances in the level Hog Wild and Whole Hog. They act differently from the shield natives in The Great Gate; their main form of attacking is shuffling back and forth across the screen, while holding onto their shield. They act as an obstacle that Crash must avoid while riding the hog. If Crash crashes into their shield, he will be sent flying off the hog and lose a life. The shield natives in this level cannot be killed, just merely avoided.

The shield natives return to reprise their role as enemies in Crash Twinsanity. Similar to their role in the original game, the shield natives will impede Crash's path with the use of their shields, this time spiked. Crash will not be able to defeat them directly, but rather by sliding underneath them.


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