Slide Coliseum (ドリフトスペシャル アリーナ lit. Drift Special Arena in Japanese) is the seventeenth and first extra race course in Crash Team Racing. It's N. Tropy's home track. It is located in Gem Stone Valley, near the passage to N. Sanity Beach, next to Turbo Track. It is a bonus track unlocked by earning ten relics of any color. It has only a relic race available in adventure mode. It is also the only race track in the game with no turbo pads at all.

Note: If playing against Oxide's ghost during time trial mode, the ghost will use the terrain near certain spare tire sections as ramps. This is only easily utilized if the player begins and maintains boosted speed.



  • This track has the same music as Turbo Track and Tiny Arena.
  • This track replaces Oxide Station as the final track of the Crash Cup in Arcade Mode. This is likely because Oxide Station is unplayable in multiplayer due to its immense size, which would result in heavy lag were it duplicated via split-screen.

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