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Solar Bowler
Game: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Boxes: 86
Gems: Clear Gem (x2)
Relic Times: Sapphire: 1:00:00/Gold: 0:40:00/ Platinum: 0:30:00
Previous level Ice Station Bandicoot
Next level Force of Nature
Solar Bowler (ぎんがの きょだいめいろ lit. Huge Maze in the Galaxy in Japanese) is the twenty-ninth level and is the fourth level of the sixth warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. This is the final level in the game where Crash the playable character. Twenty relics are needed to unlock it. It is also the last atlasphere-themed level and takes place in outer space. There are some platforms which tilt as Crash rolls across them which can knock him off the edge.


Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex - 106% & All Platinums, Part 34 Solar Bowler04:47

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex - 106% & All Platinums, Part 34 Solar Bowler



  • The 70s-like background music heard here is also the song used during the game's credits, to which Crash dances with an "afro assistant".

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