Space chase

The in-game icon for the level.

Space Chase is the final level in both Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage and Spyro: Orange. This level is designed like many of the N. Gin boss battles in various Crash Bandicoot games, but features quite a few twists from the standard boss battle.


The level begins with a cutscene, depicting Crash Bandicoot and Spyro finally confronting both Dr. Cortex and Ripto. The two villains, however, have one last trick up their sleeves. The level then begins. Depending on the game, Crash or Spyro (respective to their game) must pilot a space ship with laser-firing capabilities. The goal of the level is to then destroy a large robot controlled by both Cortex and Ripto in under a minute.


Robot Transformations

The robot transforms in three stages total in the course of the level, each transformation achieved by destroying the weapons of the previous transformation.

Stage One: Napalm Cannons

When starting the level, the robot appears in its first stage. In this transformation, the robot has two napalm cannons located at the front facing the player's ship. Each cannon, however is offset, giving the player a 45-degree angle to navigate inside. Each cannon takes three hits to destroy.

Stage Two: Spaceship Laser Gun

After the napalm cannons are destroyed, a laser gun able to fire a laser beam identical to the player's spaceship appears at the center of the front of the ship, giving the player the opportunity to move to either side of the range of it to avoid being hit. Like the previous weapons, the laser gun can be destroyed in three hits.

Stage Three: Electric Arms

Finally, the robot achieves its biggest transformation. In this stage, the robot sprouts two very large sectioned arms with two balls surging with electricity on the end of each. To overcome this portion of the level, the player has to shoot the sections in the arm, totaling to three for each arm, three times. After both arms' sections are completely destroyed, the robot will explode, sending Cortex and Ripto spiraling away.


This boss level is very simple, and can be won in a matter of seconds if the player never lets go of the fire button. Then, each weapon from the robot can be destroyed before even firing at the player.


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