Bug Lite Graphic Glitch - Instruction Video04:46

Bug Lite Graphic Glitch - Instruction Video

In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, there is a glitch that allows the player to experience strange graphic effects by messing with the camera's behavior. This glitch can be done in Toad Village by using the bonus platform, in High Time by using the death route platform, and in Bug Lite by using the blue gem platform. However, in Toad Village, the camera may either follow the platform or continue following the player - if the camera does not change and the player goes away and comes back, the bonus platform will be in its original position. To execute the glitch, the player, with two Aku Aku masks, must shoot an Aku Aku crate and quickly hop on the platform before the crate is broken. Alternatively, Crash can perform a body slam on the platform and hold the bazooka button down, although stricter positioning can make aiming for the crate more difficult. This makes the game think that Crash is still led down, similar to how the extra items glitch enables the game to think that Crash is in the air whereas in reality he is not. Shooting the Aku Aku crate and gaining invincibility causes Crash to jump off the platform, but the camera continues to follow the moving platform. The camera then freezes in place which is where the glitch ends. The camera will not move again until Crash dies due to the camera changes seemingly being triggered by the platform's position and not the player's. It does not appear possible to move beyond a certain point while the camera is frozen and Crash will fall upon moving too far, even if he does not actually fall into a pit; in Toad Village, Crash will quickly fall upon moving out of sight even if he moves forward on the trail where there are no pitfalls nearby. This suggests that the camera glitch influences how the level is loaded. In Bug Lite, the glitch also enables Crash to jump over the sides of the level and fall to his death when he would not be able to do so normally.

In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, a similar glitch can be done in Air Crash by sliding towards the death route platform while entering invincibility with the Aku Aku crate near it.

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