The Sticky Lightning Gun is Coco's clashed weapon in Crash Tag Team Racing. The weapon fires particles of electricity which stick to cars which then detonate after a period of time. As such it can be a good weapon for gaining off screen kills. Even if opponents take a shortcut on a track to avoid being in the line of fire of this weapon, as long as the player has stuck a good 2-3 onto the car, they can be assured that they will destroy the opponents' car. Its biggest weakness is its delay, being an explosive weapon which explodes over time, it is not very useful at delaying other cars as much as other weapons. This is especially apparent during the last couple corners before the finish line on the last lap of a track. If the car hit bumps into another car before the weapon detonates, the sticky lightning balls will detach and stop moving completly, so it is not recomended for Rolling Thunder, but it is managable in Rolling Thunder.

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