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Sunset Vista

Level Number 16 (24 in NTSC-J, 15 in Beta)
Number of crates 50 (20 in Beta)
Gem type Clear
Bonus round(s) Tawna
None (in Beta)
Previous level Boulder Dash (The High Road in NTSC-J)
Next level Koala Kong (Lights Out in NTSC-J)

Quick, climb the temple to confront Koala Kong!

- Level Description

Sunset Vista (ゆうやけの はいきょ lit. Ruins of Sunset in Japanese) is the sixteenth level (fifteenth in prototype versions), including boss fights, in Crash Bandicoot and the final non-boss level on the second island (in the retail version). This level shares a theme similar to The Lost City and is the last level with the same kind of design, but this time, it is accompanied with more obstacles and tricky jumps. This level features the first of two Cortex bonus rounds in the game, where the player can collect a key to unlock a secret level, Whole Hog.

Level Design

Sunset Vista takes place at the site of ancient ruins like in The Lost City. Sunset Vista is filled with many traps and obstacles that often require Crash to time his jumps. Some of the obstacles include flaming platforms and blocks that try and push Crash off the path. In addition, the level is also filled with bats and lizards that are often a part of a puzzle in different areas of the level. Crash must traverse up three levels of this level before reaching his portal. On the upper floor of this level, Crash can collect three Cortex tokens to unlock a rare Cortex bonus round.

Types of crates

Stage parameters

  • Aku Aku Crates: 3 (1 in Beta)
  • TNT Crates: None.
  • Other Crates: 47 (19 in Beta)
  • Tawna Bonus Round Crates: 16 (None in prototype)
  • Brio Bonus Round Crates: None.
  • Cortex Bonus Round Crates: 23 (None in prototype)


Sunset Vista - Clear Gem - Crash Bandicoot - 100% Playthrough (Part 10)05:54

Sunset Vista - Clear Gem - Crash Bandicoot - 100% Playthrough (Part 10)


Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version

  • Now, Cortex's faces are hidden here. Try to collect three, and you'll rush into the Cortex's challenge. If you solve it skillfully, you'll get a secret key.


  • This is considered to be the longest level in the game.
  • In the Japanese version, this level was switched with Slippery Climb in the level order.
  • In the prototype, Sunset Vista is longer and even harder, because of the addition of rotating flames and more complex jumps.
  • The same out of bounds glitch in The Lost City can be done in this level too.

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