Super Power

Super Powers are special powers which are rewarded to Crash once he defeats a boss character. The first time these powers appear is in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This game starts with the same moves as in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, but when a boss is defeated, a new power-up is added to it.

Crash can use the power-ups to complete the following levels. Also, some levels require a certain power-up. For example: the Fruit Bazooka allows Crash to hit things he couldn't reach before. With the Crash Dash the player can easily beat many Time Trial times.

List of all Super Powers

Image Name Description Appearances
Super Charged Body Slam A more powerful belly flop. Once collected it replaces Crash's normal body slam. This move is already available at the beginning of the game in N-Tranced, which is why it's not a super power in that game.
Double Jump By pressing the jump button on top of a jump, Crash jump twice as high. This move is already available at the beginning of the game in N-Tranced, which is why it's not a super power in that game.
Death Tornado Spin By pressing the spin button repeatedly Crash can spin longer and faster and also glide while in the air.
Fruit Bazooka With this power-up Crash can fire fruit at enemies and other targets. This is the only way to subdue chickens.
Crash Dash Crash can run faster, allowing him to set faster times in time trial. Also called the speed shoes and turbo run.
Sneak Shoes Allows Crash to sneak along suspended nitro crates. Also called the tip toe.
Super Slide When Crash slides he goes farther and also breaks crates on his way. This allows Crash to move faster in time trial, than the Crash Dash allows him to.
Rocket Jump Crash can jump very high in the air.


  • Although the completion percentage goes up by 1% when a Super Power is earned, this comes from the boss fight; the Super Power itself is worth 0%. This is evidenced by the Super Charged Body Slam being collected outside of a boss and not contributing in Wrath of Cortex, and the All Powers Glitch in Warped still starting the file with 0%.

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