The Lab- TNT Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 101:45

The Lab- TNT Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 1

In the original Crash Bandicoot game, there is a cluster of crates in The Lab containing an ! crate (which activates a door) surrounded by TNT crates, with a TNT crate on top, on the left side, on the right side, and in the front and back. However, if Crash stands in the corner of the ! crate and spins, the ! crate can be activated without any of the TNT crates exploding, which should not be possible at all.

In an earlier part of the level there's exactly the same cluster of crates, containing an ! crate but surrounded by basic crates instead. If the player tries doing the same thing as with the TNTs, spinning the ! crate from its corner, it won't work in the same way. Crash will activate the ! crate but he's also going to hit and smash the left or right wooden crate, respectively. This shows that this glitch is exclusive to TNT crates.

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