TNT squares and nitro squares are hazards that appear in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bash, and in both games they are laid down by Ripper Roo. They are based on TNT crates and nitro crates, but are not actually crates at all. Instead, they are flat squares on the ground.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

TNT and nitro squares only appear in Ripper Roo's boss fight.

In his fight, Ripper Roo lays several TNT squares around the arena. Upon creation of each square, a six second timer begins, and the squares explode when the time runs out, and Crash must get out of the way. After each explosion of TNT squares, Ripper Roo lays down several nitro squares. Then he will land on one, causing a chain reaction where all of the nitro squares explode. If Crash is near one during the explosion, he will die. After the explosion, Ripper Roo will be temporarily immobilized, giving Crash a chance to attack him.

Crash Bash

In this game, TNT squares only appear in El Pogo Loco.  Ripper Roo periodically jumps around the arena, turning certain squares he jumps on into TNT squares. Every time a TNT square is created, a three second timer begins. A TNT square explodes when jumped on by a player or when the timer runs out, at which time, any player on the square or an adjacent square (including diagonally adjacent squares) is temporarily immobilized.

Nitro squares replace TNT squares in the crystal challenge for El Pogo Loco. Such a square explodes very briefly after being laid down by Ripper Roo. Any computer opponent who is on an adjacent square (including diagonally adjacent squares) when a nitro square explodes will be temporarily immobilized. However, if the player is on an adjacent square when the nitro explodes, the player(s) will fail the challenge.

After exploding, TNT and nitro squares turn back into normal squares. However, they will no longer be colored if they were previously colored.