Team Oxide is the first of Emperor Velo's teams in Crash Nitro Kart. It consists of Nitros Oxide and his partners Zam and Zem, along with the real version of Velo. All the members drive yellow dune buggys. With the exception of Velo, all the members of Team Oxide are from Gasmoxia.


  • Nitros Oxide (best at acceleration)
  • Zem (best at speed) (unlocked by winning the green gem cup; only in the console version)
  • Zam (best at turning) (unlocked by winning the purple gem cup; only in the console version)
  • Velo (best at everything) (unlocked by beating Adventure Mode (100%) with both Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex)




  • Team Oxide was originally going to be called Team Velo because it's the team that he is on when played, but since he is not available at the start, they changed it to Team Oxide.

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