The North Bowl (こおりの かまくらドーム lit. Icy Igloo Dome in Japanese) is the second unlockable battle arena and is the sixth battle arena in Crash Team Racing. It is unlocked when you win all four cups with medium difficult. As its name suggests, it is a bowl-shaped arena and has a large igloo in the centre. It has a similar theme to the snow levels from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, as well as the race tracks Polar Pass and Blizzard Bluff. The arena has icy patches, making the battling more difficult, and it is considered as the most unique and creative arena idea in the game.


  • The name of this battle arena is a pun on the North Pole.
  • It would have fitted for this arena to have been switched with Rocky Road in Adventure mode because of the ice theme in Glacier Park. A possible reason for this is it may have intended to be there, but removed due to difficulty of the crystal challenge or to avoid an overkill.
  • This arena can be unlocked by completing all 4 arcade cups on medium mode or by entering a cheat code (right, right, left, triangle, right, down, down at the main menu whilst holding L1 and R1). This cheat code also unlocks Turbo Track, Parking Lot and Lab Basement.
  • Since this arena only exists in Battle Mode, it can only be played on a multiplayer screen. This trait is shared with the other two unlockable arenas.

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