The three Tiki Masks in Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS)

A Tiki Mask is a collectible item in Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo

DS and Game Boy Advance.

In the Game Boy Advance version of the game, there are three variants of the same mask: One variant is gray, one is green and the last one is yellow. This masks are hidden inside all the levels and every world in the game has a counter for every type of mask.

In the Nintendo DS version, the masks have different designs and can be divided in Bronze Masks (12 per level), Silver Masks (6 per level) and Gold Masks (1 per level, always found in the bonus rounds). Like the Game Boy Advance version, this masks are hidden inside each level, but unlike che Game Boy Advance vesion, collecting all the masks in a level will grant the player a gem.

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