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Tiki Turbo (もーれつチキ・ターボ lit. Fierce Tiki Turbo in Japanese) is the first race course in Crash Tag Team Racing and is the first race course in Mystery Island. It is a model of N. Sanity Island as it features jungles, tribesmen wearing Aku Aku masks, tiki statues, and the famous skull rock waterfall.

Players have to drive over a bridge with sharks at their wheels before going through a forest full of tribesmen wearing Aku Aku masks. The shortcut in the track follows shortly after the forest, where on a bumpy road, the driver drives to the right to skip a long turn. The finish line is shortly after the shortcut.

Stage parameters

Fast Lap:

  • Gold: 0:59
  • Silver: 1:02
  • Bronze: 1:05


  • Total: 46
  • Gold: 40
  • Silver: 35
  • Bronze: 25
  • Time Limit: 1:15

Run And Gun:

  • Total: 52
  • Gold: 40
  • Silver: 35
  • Bronze: 25

Rolling Thunder:

  • Gold: 20
  • Silver: 15
  • Bronze: 10


Crash Tag Team Racing Tiki Turbo Track06:25

Crash Tag Team Racing Tiki Turbo Track

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