Tiny's Excavation is the sixth level in Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo DS.

The level is set in a big canyon which is being harvested of its resources by Tiny Tiger. Around the level many different machines and other mechanical gadgets can be seen drilling through the ground or collecting materials.

There is a small section of the level in which the player must avoid being squished by giant white mechanisms similar to how the logs and other stomping hazards worked in previous games. In this game, however, the hazard don't instantly kill the player, but instead deal a big chunk of damage.

In another section of the level in which the player must ride on a slow moving platform and to continue moving he must defeat all the enemies that spawn in a certain area.
In the last part of the level, right after the moving platform section, there is a cliff with spinning giant gears: This part of the level appears to be more mechanical than the rest of it.

Near the end of the level a Porcurilla can be fought and controlled, he acts like a mini-boss for this level, since he is the only one that spawns and it's one of the strongest titan in the game.





  • Cute Animals:
    • Monkey
    • Pig
    • Duck
    • Chicken
    • Sheep


Tiny's Excavation - Crash of the Titans -NDS-02:13

Tiny's Excavation - Crash of the Titans -NDS-

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