Tiny Arena (スーパー どろぬまアリーナ lit. Super Swamp Arena in Japanese) is the twelfth race course in Crash Team Racing. It is Tiny Tiger's home course, and is raced on in the Nitro Cup and the Yellow Gem Cup with Dingo Canyon, Hot Air Skyway, and Oxide Station.


It's the longest track in the game. Racers start at a small bump into a mud pit infested area. Characters who cruise into the mud will sink. In the background, neon pictures of Tiny can be seen. Next, racers go through a turn, past a wall, around a mud slide, under a tunnel, around the bend, past the corner, through the mud, and onto the home stretch. In adventure mode, it is in Glacier Park, inside an igloo.




  • Much like Tiny Tiger, his track, Tiny Arena, isn't very tiny at all (in fact, it takes the most time to complete out of all the tracks in the game).
  • Tiny Arena is similar in appearance and gimmicks to Wario Stadium from the Mario Kart series.
  • The background music is the same as that of Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track.