This sneaky character likes attacking bandicoots from below, petty larceny and romance novels, all really bad habits.
Aku Aku, Crash of the Titans, {{{3}}}

The Titans information are some characteristics of Titans in Crash of the Titans.

Crash of the Titans (console)

In the main games (Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 2), to see the Titan info the player has to:

  1. Play a level with a Titan.
Snike info

The Spike info in the main games.

  1. Jack it.
  2. Pass the level.

There will also be a ragdoll/voodoo doll similar to the Titan; if the player select it, it will show that Titan with some data of it.

Crash of the Titans (NDS)

In this game the Titans info is named "Bestiary". There are the same steps for knowing a Titan.

The Bestiary.

  1. Play a level that has an unknown Titan.
  2. Jack it.
  3. In this part, the only thing the player has to do is press the "Start" button and select "Bestiary".
  4. Search the new Titan and select it.
  5. The info and the Titan image will appear in the top screen.

Titans information

Crash of the Titans - Spike

Crash of the Titans - Spike

Crash of the Titans - Goar

Crash of the Titans - Goar