Track and the Beanstalk (カージャックとまめのき lit. Car Jack and the Beanstalk in Japanese) is the second race course in Von Clutch's Happily Ever Faster section and the fifth race track overall in Crash Tag Team Racing.


The track starts out running through the Hansel and Gretel tale and then through the beanstalk. A giant foot crushes anyone too close. Then, it proceeds through the Three Little Pigs and after that right across the finish line. There's a shortcut to the right from the moment the player is off the line.

Fast Lap Times

  • Bronze: 1:10
  • Silver: 1:07
  • Gold: 1:04


Crash Tag Team Racing - Track and the Beanstalk12:09

Crash Tag Team Racing - Track and the Beanstalk



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