The Trikee in Crash Tag Team Racing.

The Trikee is Crash's tier 1 car in Crash Tag Team Racing. It is playable from the start in both adventure and multiplayer modes. The car is orange with three wheels, in the likeness of a trike. It can be imported into the PlayStation Portable version as an exclusive car.


The explanation behind its speed is its small and vast appearance. It's very unique compared to other cars in the game; it's orange and only has 3 wheels (two in the front and one in the back) instead of 4. Even though it's fast, the car is very weak, for 2 of the same items in the game could easily destroy it (excluding the Cow, Piano, & Submarine).



  • This car is driven once again by Crash in Crash Nitro Kart 2.
  • The Trikee had a different design as seen in the trailers.
  • This car is the only one that has 3 wheels.
  • It bears a minor resemblance to the vehicle used by Team Trance in Crash Nitro Kart, having the same shape and a similar design.

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