Turbo Track (ターボスペシャル アリーナ lit. Turbo Special Arena in Japanese) is the eighteenth and second secret race course in Crash Team Racing which, as the name suggests, has many turbos throughout. It is also the true final race track in the game. It is unlocked by completing all gem cups or by entering a cheat code (right, right, left, PlayStationTriangle.svg, right,down, down at the main menu whilst holding down L1 and R1). In adventure mode, only Relic Race is available.

This track, as well as the Slide Coliseum, both share the same background music as Tiny Arena.



  • If the player is skilled enough and breaks all the relic crates, a negative time can be achieved. Along with Sewer Speedway and Papu's Pyramid, these are the only tracks in the game where this is possible.
  • This track looks very similar to the previous track, Slide Coliseum.
  • This is the only track in the game that features speed pads that give different boost power.

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