The Twin Tech Gun Turret was one of The Evil Twins' many pieces of Twin Tech in Crash Bandicoot: Evolution.


In the concept sketches, two versions, one earlier, and one later, are included. Their designs are different, one being more futuristic and the other being less so. Version 1 is the former. V.1 has a door at the base for Ants to enter the cockpit via an elevator of some sort. The cockpit is extremely disproportionate to the size of the Ants that would be at its control. The size of the guns, both V.1 and V.2, can also be noted, as well as the barrel. It is possible that the gun would also have an aiming system and could be moved instead of being pointed in one direction.


The second version in concept is slightly more futuristic than the first and is also more proportionate to the Ants. Its cockpit is now merely a window on entire upper level of the gun as opposed to a dome in on the top. There is no visible entry door at the base and there is also an antenna pointing up from the back of the gun. Its barrel is also slightly smaller.