Twinsanity Island

Level Number 14
Number of crates ???
Gem type Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Clear and Purple
Bonus round(s) None
Previous level Academy of Evil (Traditional level, Rockslide Rumble
Next level Bandicoot Pursuit
Twinsanity Island

Twinsanity Island (ダブルヘンテコドッキリじま lit. Double Strange Candid Island in Japanese) is the fourteenth level in Crash Twinsanity. It is an island in the 10th Dimension ruled by the Evil Twins and also the hub level of the fourth world in the game. It is the 10th Dimensional counterpart of N. Sanity Island and home to the Ants, a race of robotic ants who act as the Evil Twins' soldiers. The island consist of volcanic mountains, lava caves, and the Evil Twins's stronghold is also located there, where the level Ant Agony takes place. The waterfall has the Evil Twins' faces carved into it, symbolizing their authority over the island. Also, the Tiki Statues look more evil on Twinsanity Island than on N. Sanity island. There aren't many inhabitants here, besides Ants and Evil Crash. Good Cortex and Evil Coco live there too, but they were never seen in the final version of the game. There is also a secret cave at the left hand side that takes you straight to Ant Agony and a portal that takes Crash to Iceberg Lab (in its 10th counterpart). Not useful unless the player wants to replay Rockslide Rumble.



  • The music of this level is identical to N. Sanity Island's theme, but it's slightly distorted.
  • The island is mentioned by Aku Aku when you play as Cortex inside the Crash level in Skylanders Imaginators.

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