Uka Uka's Bones, also known as Uka Bones, are a collectible found in the main version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant.

Upon saving Uka Uka from the Grimlies, who were feeding him with cake and milking him of his bad mojo for Doctor Cortex's NVs, he states that he lost all of his powers, so Crash and Aku Aku need to find his three bones for him.

The player must travel to different worlds including Ratcicle Kingdom, the Wasteland, and the Wumpa Island tree (now inhabited by Grimlies). The bones are defended by three Mutant Heroes who are stronger versions of normal mutants. They are the Snipe Hero, the Magmadon Hero, and the Grimly Hero. After collecting all the bones, the player must return to Uka Uka, helping him gains back his powers and unlocking the ability to play Uka Uka's minigames present in different levels.

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