This crate is the same as an Aku Aku Crate for Crash and Coco, except this has Uka Uka's face on it, and it is only for Nina and Cortex. This crate is only found in Classroom Chaos. The Uka Uka crate works the same way as the Aku Aku Crate, if hit by an enemy, Uka Uka will spare the person who ever summons him by giving the character an extra hit point, but Uka Uka cannot protect you from falling into a pit, or being exploded by a TNT crate or a Nitro Crate. If three copies of Uka Uka are summoned, Uka Uka magically stays on your head and makes you get hit by enemies as much as you want for a limited time.


  • When broken, the Uka Uka crate makes the same sound as an Aku Aku crate.
  • This is the only time where the player can summon Uka Uka (Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart do not count, as it is a spin off).

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