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Up the Creek

Level Number 10
Number of crates 15 (12 in Beta)
Gem type Clear
Bonus round(s) Tawna
Previous level Native Fortress
Next level Ripper Roo
Good, you've finished the first island, I hope you had collected gems in N. Sanity Beach, Boulders and Hog Wild. Hurry! Ripper Roo is waiting for you!
- Level description

Up the Creek (じょうりゅうを めざせ lit. Aiming Upstream in Japanese) is the tenth level (including boss fights) and is the first level of the second island (or penultimate level of the first island in the Beta) in Crash Bandicoot. It is the second river type of level in the game and is similar to Upstream. Crash encounters venus fly traps and other enemies here.

Types of crates

Stage parameters

  • Aku Aku Crates: 1
  • TNT Crates: 1 (none in Beta)
  • Other Crates: 13
  • Tawna Bonus Round Crates: 30 (17 in Beta)
  • Brio Bonus Round Crates: None.
  • Cortex Bonus Round Crates: None.


Up The Creek - Clear Gem - Crash Bandicoot - 100% Playthrough (Part 5)02:36

Up The Creek - Clear Gem - Crash Bandicoot - 100% Playthrough (Part 5)


Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version

  • If you pass this stage, you'll fight the boss Ripper Roo. He is a crazy guy who constantly jumps around, his way of jumping has regular patterns. Look at him, he has serious characteristics.


  • The level title could be a reference to the popular saying "up the creek without a paddle", a reference to the fact that Crash does not wield a paddle in this level.
  • In the prototype, Up the Creek is on the first island instead of the second island.
  • The 2 bounce crates in the prototype of this level both contain Tawna Tokens.
  • The same pause glitch found in the prototype of Upstream is present here.
  • The Tawna Bonus round on the prototype is the same as in Native Fortress in the prototype.

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