Velo's Champions are beings from all Velo's planets. Velo has over 100 champions, but only four are known. The champions are Velo's loyal and fastest drivers, living in Velo's shadow. They follow his orders in fear, excitement, and loyalty.


Krunk is Velo's champion of Terra, the tropical jungle world. He races for Velo in loyalty. Regardless of which team the player has chosen, Krunk will admit to racing for the sole reason of seeing who has the better planet, since he considers Earth a copy of Terra.


Nash is Velo's champion of Barin, the frozen wasteland. He races for Velo with excitement and loyalty. He leaves out clickity clackety teeth and still rake teeth. He never stops moving for even a second, and has a tendency to be very temperamental. He's also quite bold to even yell at Velo at one point, only for a stern response to quiet him down.


Norm is Velo's champion of Fenomena, the Time-oriented desert. The regular version of him races for Velo with fear, while the big version of him races for Velo with excitement. The big and small versions bicker regularly. The big one is also shown to be more in control as well as people-savvy, as shown by his angry response to Cortex's mockery of his outfit.


Geary is Velo's champion of Teknee, the electronic and hyperspacial world. Geary is Velo's most trusted (and possibly best) racer and he races for Velo in great loyalty. Loves to clean things, often even interrupting himself to do so, but as evidenced by his reaction to Velo's anger upon losing, this love falls to a point.

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