The Walking Lizard Glitch is a glitch in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, that can occur in the level Ruination. This glitch occurs at the beginning of the level where a cyborg clamidosaur is waiting behind a possum to attack Crash. Both the possum and the cyborg clamidosaur are supposed to stay still and not move until Crash defeats the possum. Once this happens the cyborg clamidosaur is supposed to move back and fourth to try and harm Crash. But if this glitch occurs, instead of the cyborg clamidosaur waiting for Crash to defeat the possum before walking back and forth, it will just regularly walk back and forth, moving through the possum as if it is not even there.

This glitch can occur if Crash makes it to this duo of enemies, then dies shortly after. When this happens there is a strong chance that the cyborg clamidosaur will walk through the possum as if it is not there, thus performing the Walking Lizard Glitch.

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