Warp room 3 N Sane

Warp Room 3 (Cortex Strikes Back) is the third Warp Room in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This warp room holds the yellow gem in Plant Food. The boss in this warp room is Tiny Tiger.


This warp room is covered with brownish pipes, and it is filled with water. Most of the portals are made out of pipes with the exception of Road to Ruin, as this portal is a tiki. The design of this warp room is similar to the sewer levels in the game.


  • Level 11: Plant Food - This level holds the yellow gem. This gem can be obtained if the player completes the level before the time runs out.
  • Level 12: Sewer or Later - Yellow Gem path.
  • Level 13: Bear Down - Secret entrance to Air Crash so the player can obtain the box gem in that level.
  • Level 14: Road to Ruin - Death Route, secret entrance in Diggin' It leads back here so the player can get the box gem.
  • Level 15: Un-Bearable - Secret entrance to Totally Bear, and the bridge that the big bear falls into is a secret area needed to go into to get the box gem.
  • Boss: Tiny Tiger.


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