This glitch appears in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy in the Crash Bandicoot Warped section of the game. It is caused by when the game tries to give Crash a target time after collecting the platinum relic for the game.

How To Perform

The first step is to get a platinum relic in any level. Easy levels include the Pura levels like Orient Express or after getting Crash Dash. After that get a sapphire relic or a gold relic in the level right next the level Crash just received a platinum. For instance, if Crash got a platinum in level 3 get a lower than platinum in level 2 or level 4. Then in the level that Crash just got a gold or sapphire press the R1 button to view his target time then scroll between the levels a few times making sure you don't press any other buttons. Then when Crash presses target time in the level he got a platinum in then they should be a freaky distortion and the target time should be of the level he previously displayed the target time for and showing no relic.

What Occurs

A giant gem like object appears in background and part of the screen turns white. Also no relic will be shown to get target time in a level where Crash got the platinum relic, but it will show the target time none the less.

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