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Crash Twinsanity world - Copy

Wumpa Island in Twinsanity concept art

Wumpa Island, also known as the Archaeological Site Island, is the middle island between N. Sanity Island and Cortex Island in Crash's archipelago, the Wumpa Islands. Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Aku Aku now live there since Crash of the Titans. It is explained they moved from N. Sanity Island to Wumpa Island between the events of Crash Twinsanity and Crash of the Titans.



Wumpa Island, as seen in the Naughty Dog games.

Wumpa Island (MOM)

A part of Wumpa Island, in Mind over Mutant

Uka Tree, a giant tree, is located at the top of the island, but there are also other features on Wumpa Island, such as a large volcano (where the Koala Kong boss fight is situated in Crash Bandicoot), ancient ruins, several bridges, massive volcano all where Ripper Roo fought as well as levels like The Lost City, Temple Ruins, Road to Nowhere, and Sunset Vista, a river (Up the Creek), jungles, and the Mojo Temple, where Uka Uka was incarcerated until the events of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. It's actually fairly similar to N. Sanity Island, only featuring more ruins and a lot of fauna and flora. There are moving stone platforms and thorns in the jungle (seen in Mind Over Mutant).

The map of Wumpa Island in Crash Landed


In the Crash of The Titans trailer Nina, Coco, and Crash appear in the town of Wumpa Island, Wumpa Town. Coco and Crash are outside a Siena's Beauty Salon window which has a sign that says "Special $10 Manicure" so Coco tells Crash to go pick out a Wumpa Fruit for himself. Nina is coming out of a store called Nick's Batteries and sees Crash whip by and Coco going into the shop and Nina scoffs. She then sees the sign and decides to go in. She gets thrown out the door and the employee flips the sign so says "Robotic Hands $20".

Nina teleports back to her Uncle Neo and tells him where Crash is in exchange for twenty dollars. Neo commands his mutants to seize Crash. At Olivia's market, Crash picks out a special Wumpa Fruit while he and Aku Aku get trapped by a Scorporilla, Stench, and a Ratcicle. Crash gets slammed into the window of the beauty salon while Coco doesn't notice. Aku Aku and Crash then jack them and stun them. Crash gets his fruit and tosses it to Coco who lets it fall because her nails are still wet causing Crash to cry. Nina gets thrown out by the salon once again and the sign says "Robotic Hands $20 per hand". Crash, Coco and Aku Aku then run off, laughing.
Crash Bridge


In The Wrath of Cortex, Aku Aku and Pura are seen relaxing on the beach of Wumpa Island when a huge tsunami washes Crash and Coco onto the shore as the volcano erupts and thunder clouds appear in the sky. Aku Aku then leaves to confront Uka Uka on the matter.


Since Crash of The Titans: The Bandicoot family: Crash, Crunch, Coco, and Aku Aku  have lived in their house on Wumpa Island. It is unknown if their pets: Polar, Pura, and Baby T live there or not. Since Crash: Mind over Mutant, the titans inhabit the island at various places: the Junkyard, the Ratcicle Kingdom, Mount Grimly, and the Wasteland. The remains of the Doominator and the Space Head are currently residing in front of Crash's house. This level in particular has the most mutants of all the other levels of Mind Over Mutant. It also has two Titan Heroes.


Wumpa Island was the first base of Uka Uka. To take over the world, Uka Uka planted a giant tree of evil there at the top. Aku Aku managed to stop his brother and locked him away in the Mojo Temple. Many years later, Dr. Cortex stumbled upon Uka Uka during Sunset Vista. (Sunset Vista is when the light of the sun reflects off of the Uka Tree and can only be seen at the Mojo Temple) Taking Cortex's plans into mind, Uka Uka modified them and gave Cortex instructions on how to take over the world.

Cortex placed two of his soldiers on the island: Ripper Roo to guard the front entrance (the waterfall) and Koala Kong to guard the exit (the mines). However, both were defeated by Crash.


Wumpa Island after being invaded by titans In Mind Over Mutant

When Cortex attempted to take over the world a second time, the island was in a winter stage and was completely covered with snow. Therefore polar bears migrated there from the Iceberg Lab. Crash later adopted one he called Polar. When N. Brio destroyed Cortex's space station, Uka Uka was freed by a chunk of the station that came crashing down on the prison he was in.
Bandicoot house

Crash later moved to the island and thwarted Cortex two more times.

Wumpa Island was invaded in Crash: Mind Over Mutant by NV slave Spikes and Snipes. Even after Crash destroyed all the NVs, the Spikes still roamed the island.


Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS)

Crash of the Titans (Game Boy Advance)



  • This island has been unnamed for a long time, until Radical Entertainment gave it the name of "Wumpa Island", because of the Wumpa Fruits that are found on the whole archipelago.
  • Crash of the Titans incorrectly refers to Wumpa Island as Whumpa Island.
  • It is unknown if The Bandicoot's pets: Polar and Pura live in their house on Wumpa Island.
  • In the non-canon DS and GBA versions of Crash of the Titans, there is another island called N. Trapment Island, which looks similar to a part of Wumpa Island called "The Lumberyard".
  • Wumpa Island first appeared in Crash Bandicoot, and the Bandicoots are first shown living there in Crash of the Titans.
  • Wumpa Island has appeared in every Crash platformer game.
  • Wumpa Island would have been played on in Crash Twinsanity in areas like the lost ruins and the Uka Tree.
  • In Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Wumpa Island appears much different as it lacks the Uka Tree on top of the island and also appears much smaller.

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