Wumpa Village is the first level in Crash of the Titans for the DS and the second level in the GBA version.

Nintendo DS Version

In this game, the level si set on Wumpa Island and starts in a jungle canyon area. Here players can see small wooden houses that made up the "Village" part of the level. After this section, the majority of the level is set inside a giant cave with colorful crystals on the walls, big ponds that can be traversed with a Whalephant, and plants growing on the walls.

Also sunlight can be seen coming from the ceiling, implying that the cave is not far underground but near the surface.




Game Boy Advance Version

In the Game Boy Advance version of Crash of the Titans, Wumpa Village is the second level of the game, and the second level of the Wumpa Island world. The level is set in a jungle-like area, with many wooden bridges connecting patches of ground. Small pink houses with green roofs can be seen far away in the background.




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