Yuktopus is a boss in Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant.

Crash of the Titans

Yuktopus is the first boss and has eight hitpoints. He is fought in the Mojo Temple. He will send Spikes and Goars to attack Crash. After defeating them, Crash must walk up to Yuktopus and use a Spike's or Goar's power to prevent its blocking of attacks. Then, after his hitpoints run out, you may jack him and destroy all the walls and then you win. If you run out of HP for Yutopus while riding Yuktopus, you will have to jack him again. Because his HP is in the form of progress towards stunning, the HP will begin to slowly regenerate if Yuktopus is not damaged for long enough. Crash's light attacks cannot damage Yuktopus in any way, even if it is not blocking.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Yuktopus Is the 4th boss and has eight hitpoints again. He is fought in Mount Grimly and he is protecting the machine that is milking Uka Uka's dark mojo. To jack him, either use Crash and repeatedly jump on his head, or slow down time with a Grimly and attack him. Once he is jacked use his mojo blast on the 4 milking machines to win. As before, the player will have to jack Yuktopus again if Yuktopus runs out of HP whilst riden. Yuktopus's HP is in the same form as before, so failure to deal any damage to Yuctopus for a while will result in it slowly regenerating its HP.


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