Zam is an alien from Gasmoxia, and is one of Nitros Oxide's henchmen, along with Zem. He races for Team Oxide, which in turn is affiliated with Emperor Velo XXVII. He acts similar to a dog.

When Zam wins a cup, his victory stance involves him sitting, looking around and barking like a dog. He seems to be a cross between a frog and a lizard. During races, he growls like a dog and barks.

Zam makes his first and only appearance in the console versions of Crash Nitro Kart.


Speed: 2/7
Acceleration: 4/7
Turning: 6/7
Difficulty: Beginner



See: Zam/Gallery


  • Zam did not appear in the GBA version of Crash Nitro Kart.
  • Billy West's voice clips were retained for the Japanese version of Crash Nitro Kart.

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