Znu are electrical minions of the Grimlies that first appear in Mount Grimly. These creatures can shoot electrical beams and continuously jump to dodge attacks from Crash. They first appeared in the NV Commercial, when one of the Znus said the price of the product. One particular Znu had the habit of eating sandwiches while going to the bathroom, something Cortex was disgusted about.


Znus appear as small, purple, rounded figured. They have large hands, and orange shoes with their tips facing upward, and wear white clothes above their legs. Znus also have pointy and large teeth. On their arms and faces they have an orange circle, with a yellow glowing circle on them.




  • Voiced by Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and Mark Hamill.
  • Znus will sometimes say: "Tonight, we dine over there!" Which is a reference to the movie 300 where Leonidas says: "Tonight, we dine in Hell!".